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Connecting Today's Brands

with Tomorrows Audience

We help brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through emerging digital creators. We develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach millions of people.








Ensemble Digital Studios is a next generation digital management production company, focusing on artists emerging from today's digital landscape. Working with writers, directors and artists who have successfully built an audience and created original IP, Ensemble is set to lead the way merging both traditional and digital content. We are experienced in working with all brands from Fortune 500 companies to Direct to Consumer Brands.

Larry Shapiro


Larry Shapiro has a successful 20+ year track record of managing and producing creative in all forms of media and pioneering the convergence between next gen talent and traditional Hollywood. As CEO of Ensemble Digital Studios, Larry is managing talent and producing content that intersect today's online creators helping them build franchises across all media including books, TV, and merchandise lines. Larry has brokered deals for clients like Laura Clery with CBS  Animation and Jenn Todryk on her hit show with HGTV "No Demo Reno" now in its third season. His clients have also created content for brands such as FedEx,  Ford, Gillette, Keeps, Kiwi Co, and more. Producing credits include an EP for a series with Discovery Networks for The King of Random and a series on HLN entitled Jack Vale: Offline.  Larry was also a producer on the feature film Shovel Buddies starring Bella Thorne and Kian Lawley.  

Prior to producing these projects, Larry was SVP of Talent for Fullscreen. There,  Larry helped shape and grow Fullscreen's top-tier talent roster working with such clients as Devin Supertramp, the Fine Brothers, and Grace Helbig. In 2000, Larry created and operated the industry’s first and leading Games Division for Creative  

Artists Agency (CAA). During his tenure at CAA, Larry conceived of and brokered innovative and successful entertainment deals for, among others, Jerry  Bruckheimer, Will Wright, Halo, Gears of War, Valve, and Guitar Hero.  

Larry has received an Emmy Nomination as a Television producer for the documentary "Brian Wilson:  I Just Wasn't Made For These Times," an Emmy win for his participation in the  Interactive Series “Dirty Work” as well as a Grammy Nomination producing the music film "Forever Is a Long Time" for Don Was. 

Kelsey Klein

Talent Manager

Kelsey has immersed herself in the creative process since the age of 5 as an accomplished pianist and acting in TV and commercials from Oldsmobile to Toys R’ Us. Today she uses her creative roots to help grow the careers for some of the top creators at Ensemble Digital Studios. Kelsey focuses on artists that are unique in hyper verticals providing guidance and strategies helping them grow beyond the brand deals to create data-driven sustainable businesses.

Before Ensemble, Kelsey helped build the influencer marketing strategy for Meitu ahead of its $5 billion dollar IPO. Working with brand clients across the Meitu portfolio, Kelsey also managed the content partnerships for Meitu with media giants including Refinery 29 and Hearst. When not analyzing data and negotiating deals, Kelsey can be found traveling the world exploring the local cuisine or hiking its terrain.

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