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Policygenius x joelcreates

To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

I built a piano that shocks you when you make a mistake! Would you try it? Would it help?
A huge thank you to Eric for writing the code, and to everyone who tried out the piano!

Policygenius x joelcreates
Policygenius x joelcreates
Policygenius x joelcreates

Recent Partnership

Joel Hartlaub spent his childhood in thrift stores looking for something to take apart, which is why he can now build anything out of anything without spending, well, anything!

His channel took off when he invented a hot glue gun that actually

shoots hot glue. He then built a real Spiderman hot glue shooter, using it to glue his sister to a wall, and lifting a car!

A day in the life of Joel starts by shaving an Elmo doll with his

homemade Manscaped alternative, composing a film score as he is an accomplished pianist, and still finding time to Karate chop boards with his family of 4 black belt women!

What will he work on next? Anything that pushes his creativity to the



Past Partnership

Truebill, KiwiCo, Bespoke Post, SimpliSafe







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Joel Creates


Joel Creates



Joel Creates

joelcreates is an American YouTuber and musician who uploads videos of him showcasing his various devices that he has engineered.

Joel Creates
Joel Creates
Joel Creates

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